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Section 179 in 2014

Update on the 2014 Section 179 Tax Deduction You still have thirty days to make the most of $25K Section 179 of the IRS tax code has gotten a lot of heat for its diminished deduction limit in 2014. Compared to last year’s deduction limit of $500,000 for equipment purchases, the 2014 limit has been reduced to $25,000. Despite the ADA’s efforts in urging […]

EPA Rule on Amalgam Separators

EPA Proposes Amalgam Separator Rule Nationwide rule requires amalgam separators in every office In an effort to reduce the discharge of dental amalgam into the environment, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently proposed a rule under the Clean Water Act requiring dentists to install amalgam separators. Studies show that half of the mercury that enters publicly owned treatment works originates […]

Ebola Virus and Dentistry

The Ebola Epidemic: A Concern for Dentistry? The recent Ebola epidemic has the entire world on high alert. Although the majority of the 8,400 reported cases have been contained to West Africa, the Ebola virus has already made its way into the United States. Following the death of Thomas Eric Duncan (the first travel-related Ebola case in […]

Sharpen Tools for Swifter Turnover

Sharper Tools Mean Greater Efficiency Instruments are essential to any dental procedure, and the sharper they are, the better. Proper sharpening techniques not only make for longer-lasting instruments, they enable quicker patient turnover due to more efficient hygiene procedures. Do your practices measure up? Sharpening For your 6-month prophylaxis appointments, it’s recommended you sharpen your instruments […]

Handling Pediatric Patients

Pediatric Patients Even super-heroes should be handled with kid gloves By now, you may have heard about the potential impacts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on dentistry. One interesting likelihood: an influx of pediatric patients, as the ACA provides for dental coverage for children under 19. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), approximately […]

The Triclosan Controversy

What’s the Trouble with Triclosan? Antibacterial agent comes under fire for potential health risks Colgate Total has been in the news lately, thanks to one of its active ingredients – triclosan. The antibacterial chemical has come under increased scrutiny as new studies have raised questions about its safety. These studies show that triclosan may be […]

X-Ray Radiation Protection

Radiation Protection Easy ways to avoid harmful x-ray exposure Dental x-rays are critical to evaluating and diagnosing many oral diseases and conditions. Although radiation exposure from x-rays is low, the effects can accumulate from multiple sources over time. Limiting radiation exposure can be achieved through these simple techniques: PROTECTING THE PATIENT Obtaining and reviewing previous […]

Waste Compliance Made Easy

Keeping Up with Waste Compliance It’s as easy as 1-2-3… Keeping up with waste compliance can be confusing and expensive. With dental offices subject to numerous regulations at the federal, state, and local level, knowing which compliance protocols are applicable to your practice isn’t easy. Not to mention, waste is a broad category comprised of […]

Tips for Chairside Whitening

More Than Cleaning Incorporate elective services into routine visits Standardizing and organizing examination protocols creates a framework for recare and restorative visits. Here is an “old school” way to integrate whitening acceptance into your daily routine. The two key pieces of equipment for this tip are: a hand mirror and a shade guide. One way to […]

Avoid Occupational Hazards

Dentistry: It’s Risky Business Reduce the risk of occupational hazards by avoiding chemical culprits In addition to infectious diseases and muscle injuries, dental professionals encounter a number of workplace hazards. Dental staff are exposed to toxic chemicals throughout the day, including those found in products used to clean and disinfect instruments and surfaces. Long-term exposure can […]

The Downfall of Reusing Disposables

The Downfall of Reusing Disposables If one line of defense tumbles, the rest will likely follow In recent years, disposable products have become the gold standard of infection control protocol. These single-use items are intended to be used on one patient and discarded. They should not be sterilized in an autoclave due to the heat-intolerance […]